Housing Benefit Appeals

Disagree with an outcome or decision?

If you think the decision about your Housing Benefit is wrong or you think we have not worked out your benefit entitlement correctly, it is important that you write and tell us.

We must get your letter within one calendar month of the date at the top of your notification/decision letter.  If you think you are not getting enough benefit and you do not tell us within one calendar month of our original decision, we will only be able to amend your benefit from the Monday following the date we receive your letter.

You can:

  • Ask us for an explanation of how your benefit has been worked out
  • Ask us to look at the decision again and change it is we think it is wrong
  • Appeal against the decision.  If you appeal against the decision your appeal will be heard by an independent tribunal administered by The Tribunals Service.

A request for reconsideration or appeal should be made in writing to:

The Corporate Director of Environment, Regeneration & Resources, Municipal Buildings, Clyde Square, Greenock, PA15 1LY


If you require advice regarding a reconsideration, appeal or review you can contact us using the details on the Contacts section of this page.

For independent advice please contact Inverclyde Advice First using the details on the Contacts section of this page