Social Sector Size Criteria

Housing Benefit for working age people who live in a housing association or other registered social landlord property is based on the number of bedrooms a household needs for Housing Benefit purposes.
People of state pension age are not affected by this.

If there are one or more extra bedrooms Housing Benefit may be reduced. The amount allowed for rent and any service charges will be reduced by:

- 14% if there is one extra bedroom, or
- 25% if there are two or more extra bedrooms.

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What can be done?

Tenants should contact their Housing Association to discuss and perhaps hear about options available.

Changes to living arrangements should be reported to the Housing Benefit team to ensure benefit is correctly assessed, for example if someone leaves or joins a household.

Additional Financial Support - Discretionary Housing Payment

Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) is available to recipients of Housing Benefit to provide additional support to help meet the shortfall between Housing Benefit entitlement and rent charge. DHP may be granted for a minimum period of one week and will not exceed one year. It is not part of the normal Housing Benefit scheme but is a payment that may be made where extra financial support is needed in the short/medium term.

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