Forthcoming Changes: Public Procurement Landscape

In March 2006, John F McClelland CBE published his report and recommendations following an extensive review of public sector procurement in Scotland. This report highlighted the opportunity to deliver better value and increased efficiency through collaboration and improved procurement practices.

In response to report's recommendations, the Public Procurement Reform Programme was initiated to support the implementation of new structures, capability and processes in public procurement. To facilitate transformation across the public sector, a number of Centres of Expertise (CoEs) were established to lead collaborative procurement for key commodities.

Scotland Excel was established on 1 April 2008 as the Centre of Procurement Expertise for local authorities. As there was already a history of local collaboration within this sector, the new organisation was able to capitalise on existing expertise and resources as part of a nationwide remit which also supports procurement reform.

Centres of Expertise have also been established for the further education and health sectors. Police and fire boards work together on collaborative procurement, and several of these organisations use Scotland Excel contracts as associate members.

In addition, there are a number of Centres of Expertise and specialist units which form part of the Scottish Procurement Directorate within the Scottish Government. These include Procurement Scotland which develops and manages contracts that can be used by all public sector bodies.

Links to the organisations involved in public sector procurement are available in the External links section of this page and on the Scottish Government website. These organisations work together to deliver procurement reform through shared management information, learning and development, electronic procurement resources, and joint supplier engagement initiatives.