Scheme membership

The easiest way to join the Trusted Trader scheme is to apply online using the link on this page, or alternatively contact Trading Standards at the details on this page.

Membership fees

Trusted Trader scheme membership fees are payable at the time of application to the scheme.  Applications will not be considered until the application fee has been received.  A fee of £50 for the first year of membership and thereafter a fee of £100 per year. These fees may be revised in the future.  Prices include website entry and data processing for feedback forms.

Access to the Trusted Trader scheme website is free to consumers.

Where membership is revoked, or a member withdraws from the scheme  there will be no refund of any membership fees paid or reimbursement of costs incurred by the business as a result of removal or withdrawal from the scheme.

Terms and conditions

Please read through the Trusted Trader scheme terms and conditions, available to download from this page, where you will find further information on the scheme including the Council's commitment, business code of practice and a guide to trading fairly.