Inverclyde Employer Recruitment Incentive (ERI)

ERI 2019/20 Eligibility Criteria

Inverclyde Employer Recruitment Incentive has a focus of supporting young people with the greatest barriers to employment, as defined in section “Eligible Young People” below.

Inverclyde’s ERI is open to companies or organisations in the Private or Third/Voluntary Sector with upto 250 employees, recruiting an Inverclyde young person into new sustainable employment, aged 16 - 29 years (inclusive), fitting one or more of the below criteria.  This can include recruitment of a Modern Apprentice (following an approved MA Framework).

The young person must be employed for a minimum of 16 hours per week and a maximum of 40 hours per week.  The employment contract must be for a minimum of 52 weeks.  Zero hour contracts will not be supported.

The potential ERI amount available to the employer is £7,000.  The incentive can be utilised in a number of ways such as for additional supervisory costs, training, initial travel to work costs or wages.  No single use is prescribed.

Eligible Young People

Young people aged 16-29 years (inclusive) must fall within at least one of the following groups to be eligible for ERI support:-

  • person with a disability[1] or long-term health condition;
  • care experienced young people;
  • carer[2];
  • person with a conviction (including CPO’s);
  • military early service leavers (up to 6 years);
  • person who has failed their ESA Work Capability Assessment;
  • ethnic minority groups;
  • Gypsy/travelling community;
  • partner of current or ex-Armed Forces personnel;
  • person requiring support with language, literacy or numeracy, including those for whom English is an additional language;
  • lone parent;
  • person with lower than SCQF Level 5 qualification;
  • a young person who was receiving additional support for learning in school[3];
  • refugee or other granted leave to stay in the UK;
  • homeless person (including temporary or unstable accommodation);
  • person affected by substance misuse.

ERI Payment Amounts & Process

  • 4 Week Payment - £600 on submission of 4 Week Review Form and contract of employment.  No payment for employment period less than 4 weeks.
  • 13 Week Payment - £1,400 on submission of 13 Week Review Form and payroll evidence of continued employment at 13 week date.  No pro-rata payment between 4 – 13 weeks.
  • 26 Week Payment - £3,000 on submission of 26 Week Review Form and payroll evidence of continued employment beyond 26 week date.  (No pro-rata payment 14 – 26 weeks).
  • 52 Week Payment - £2,000 on submission of 52 Week Review Form and payroll evidence of continued employment at 52 week date.  No pro-rata payment between 27 - 52 weeks.

How To Apply For ERI

Inverclyde’s ERI is operated and funded by Inverclyde Council and details of how to apply are available on the Inverclyde ERI Information Sheet available via this page.



[1] The Equality Act 2010 defines a disabled person as a person with a disability. A person has a disability for the purposes of the Act if he or she has a physical or mental impairment and the impairment has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities (S6(1)). A young person with ASN can also be included where a careers adviser or related professional believes this is a significant and on-going barrier to employment. Such a person shall be referred to as a ‘disabled person’).

 [2] has a significant role in looking after someone else who is experiencing illness or disability. Or a young parent. Such a person shall be referred to as a ‘carer’

 [3] due to one or more of the following factors which presented a barrier to their learning; environment; family circumstances; disability or health need; social or emotional factors; and which may also present barriers to entering the workplace


Page last updated: 23 October 2019