Crime Prevention

Crime prevention measures and early intervention can stop people and properties from being targets of crime. Inverclyde Council works closely with Police Scotland to deliver crime prevention initiatives which contribute to improving the quality of community life as well as making communities stronger, more responsible and resilient.

Personal Safety

There are many things you can do to protect yourself from criminals and keep safe whether you are on your own, at home, out and about, or even visiting Inverclyde on holiday. Police Scotland provide information and advice on keeping safe in a range of situations which can be found by clicking on 'Personal Safety' within the external links section of this page. 

Home Security

Although having your home broken into is something many people fear, it is not a common occurrence. There are many ways, that don't cost money, to help secure your home from intruders by using common sense and good housekeeping. Police Scotland provide further advice on these measures and practices which can be found by clicking on 'Home Security' within the external links section of this page.


Police Scotland provide further crime prevention measures relating to valuables, vehicles, bicycles and outbuildings which can be found by clicking on 'Home & Property' within the external links section of this page.

Reporting Crime

"If you suspect it, report it" by contacting Police Scotland on 999 or in the case of a non-emergency 101. An anti-terrorist hotline is also available by calling 0800 789 321.