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Letter from James Watt to James Hart
Letter from James Watt to Robert Hart of Glasgow.


This letter was in the collection of Robert Hart of Glasgow and is in a glazed frame. Stuck onto the letter is the autograph of Dr. Herschel, dated 1810 (Sir William Herschel (1738-1822)). The text of the letter refers to a set of brace and bits gifted by James Watt to Robert Hart, a Glasgow engineer and an admirer of Watt, and his brother John. 

The text is: 'Heathfield, Birm'm Dec'r 19 1815. -  Messrs. R and J Hart, Mitchell Street, Glasgow. - Gent'n. - On Saturday last I took the liberty of sending by the Manchester waggon for Glasgow a small box, directed as this letter, containing a best of Sheffield Brace and 30 bits and two drill stocks, with 12 drills each, of which I request your acceptance as a mark of my regard. I hope they will be of use in your pursuits. They may be at Glasgow in about a fortnight and you may enquire for the box at Mrs Walshe's in Stirling Square - I shall be glad to hear that you receive them safe, and how your telescope goes on and remain with esteem. - Gent'n. - Your obedient and humble servant - James Watt'.

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