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The key events of many Inverclyde families are recorded in the Intimations Index.

Intimations is the Watt Library's index of family history notices as posted in the local press from 1800 until 1918. The index contains many fascinating details about local births, marriages and deaths as seen in the pages of the Greenock Advertiser, Greenock Telegraph and other local papers.

For Information on entries relating to soldiers and sailors of the First World War then please use the link on the left. It will take to you to Intimations II - Soldiers and Sailors of inverclyde. Here you can download a list of entries relating to servicemen during the First World War.

This new and revised version of the index not only lists entries by surname, they are also listed by first name and have the year listed as well. The downloads from the index are in chronological order by year then by surname. Marriage entries are indexed by the surnames of the spouses in alphabetical order per entry.

Family history researchers can save time by using the Intimations Index as an aid prior to seeing the original entries on microfiche at the Watt Library itself. The Intimations Index is also available for perusal in hard copy form at the Watt Library.

There are now over 100,000 family notices in the index. We have tried our best to ensure that the transcriptions have been accurately made but should any researcher discover an error we will be happy to amend the index. The index has been split into a set of downloads to make it easier to access. These files are primarily designed for computer searching. If you decide to print them out please remember they are very large and will require a lot of paper and ink cartridges.

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