Intimations - Soldiers and Sailors of Inverclyde

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This page of the Intimations Index carries a downloadable list of reports in the local press relating to the fate Inverclyde's servicemen during the First World War.

This page of the Intimations Index is devoted to the soldiers and sailors of Inverclyde who appear in local press stories from 1914 to 1918. News was limited and communications from the Front were controlled and lacked local information, so local people often looked to the press notices to find out information about friends, family and colleagues who were serving in the armed forces.

These notices not only carry information concerning the fallen, they often also contain stories relating to wounded servicemen, their place of recovery and other information. The technology of printing had progressed to the point where the newspapers also carried many photographs of fallen and injured servicemen.

The index is listed by the surname and firstname and contains information on rank and service unit. They also list the edition of the local newspaper which carried the orginal story. These originals can be consulted at the Watt Library, Union Street, Greenock.

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