First World War Objects

First World War chocolate box sent as a gift to HM forces. The tin bears the emblems of Trinidad, Grenada and St. Lucia and is marked: 'THE GIFT OF THE COLONIES OF TRINIDAD, GRENADA & ST. LUCIA TO HIS MAJESTY'S NAVAL & MILITARY FORCES' and  'THIS CHOCOLATE IS MADE FROM COCOA GROWN IN TRINIDAD, GRENADA & ST. LUCIA.' - 1996.67 - © McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Greenock Princess Mary Christmas box for HM forces issued for Christmas 1914. Decorated with Princess Mary's portrait, the initial 'M' and is inscribed 'IMPERIUM BRITANICUM', with the Allied Countries named in the borders: Belgium, Japan, Russia, Montenegro, Servia and France. Inside is a card inscribed: 'With Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Victorious New Year / From the Princess Mary and Friends at Home'. - 1991.18 - © McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Greenock Sun helmet issued to Captain Isaac Jackson of C Coy. 1/5 A.S.H. during the Gallipoli campaign. The helmet was 'A souvenir of the Dardenelles attack of 12.7.1915. Greenock's Black Day'. - 2001.114 - © McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Greenock Burgh of Gourock peace medal inscribed on one face with 'Burgh of Gourock', the town coat of arms and the date, 1919. The reverse carries a kneeling figure offering an item to another with an angel in the background left with the sun above. - 2012.57.1 A First World War period Admiralty issue 'On War Service' badge, dated 1914. This badge was issued to civilian workmen engaged in essential war work. - 2012.57.4 - © McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Greenock Cap badge of the Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders, the design was used from 1900 until 1959, but this example, according to the old label, is from the 2nd Battle of Ypres in  1915. - 1999.63.147 - © McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Greenock Booklet in the form of a four pages of brown card into which twenty five assorted paper flags have been pinned. The cover bears a colour picture of a Union Jack stuck to the cover and the inscription 'Lest we Forget 1914-1915'. The presence of locally themed flags suggest that this booklet was used for fundraising in the Greenock area. - 1980.94 - © McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Greenock

In addition to posters the McLean Museum also holds a variety of First World War objects. Some of these have strong local connections and others are related to the war more generally.The First World War generated an unprecedented volume of objects: photographs, medals, propaganda and personal memorabilia as well as histories, biographies and cinema film. The Museum's collection has items from most categories and they provide important insights into the experience of war for individuals and society as whole.

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