Wemyss Bay 1879

In 1879 Alexander Gardner of Paisley published a Guide to Wemyss Bay, Skelmorlie, Inverkip, Largs and surrounding districts.

As stated in the preface the book was 'principally intended for strangers residing in the district, and for visitors at the Wemyss Bay Hydropathic Establishment, in quest of health or recreation, who may desire to know something of the places which they visit in their daily excursions. At the same time, it is hoped that it may not be altogether without interest to permanent residenters, by affording information regarding the locality, which the writer finds is not always possessed by those most familiar with its scenery. Whatever is of value in a historical or antiquarian point of view, he has attempted to bring before the reader in the following pages.'

In the download below you can read the book's desciption of Wemyss Bay in 1879. The text contains many interesting background details on the origins of Wemyss Bay, including a rather unusual discussion on the origins of the name. You can also download a map of the area from the same publication.