Watt Library Newspaper Index


The Watt Library is Inverclyde's largest local repository for records, archives, photographs and editions of old newspapers. The newspapers can be consulted at the Library on microfiche. In order to make maximum use of this valuable resource computerised indices are being compiled which will enable researchers to save time by being able to check references prior to seeing the original entries on microfilm.

This page contains the Watt Library Newspaper Index, an index of stories that have appeared in the local press since the start of the nineteenth century. It is part of a series of indices that contain over 100,000 references to people, places, ships and events that have appeared in local newspapers over the last two hundred years.

The index has been split into a set of downloads to make it easier to access. These files are primarily designed for computer searching. If you decide to print them out please remember they are very large and will require a lot of paper and ink cartridges.