Bereavement and Council Tax

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Bereavement and Council Tax

When somebody dies, the person who has to pay the Council Tax may change. The amount of Council Tax is sometimes affected too.

The Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages usually advises us of deaths occurring in our district but we often need more information in order to amend our records properly. If the Registrar hasn't told us then we will need to see a copy of the death certificate.

Did the person move out before they died?

We can often reduce the council tax bill from the date a person permanently moved into a hospital or care home. You can inform us of the details when you phone or write in.

Is Council Tax Reduction or Housing Benefit in payment?

You must inform us straight away when somebody dies as this may affect how much benefit is paid. Please contact Inverclyde Council Benefits section on telephone number: 0800 013 1375

Is the property rented?

Contact the landlord straight away if the property is now empty and you wish to end the tenancy.

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