Inverclyde Council Best Value

Audit Scotland Annual Audit Report 

All public sector organisations have a duty to ensure that they are providing high performing and efficient services.  Nationally, a new approach to the audit of Best Value has been implemented with the aim of integrating Best Value audit work within the annual audit work that is carried out in Councils.  A judgement on well Inverclyde Council is delivering Best Value is published in the Audit Scotland Annual Audit Report.  You can find the most recent report on Inverclyde Council in the Documents section.

The Inverclyde Council Audit Committee considers progress reports on the status of External Audit Action Plans arising from external Audit Reports.  All the meetings of the Audit Committee can be found in the Committee and Meetings area of the Council's website.  

Weblinks to other external inspection bodies can be found in the Other Websites section.   

Best Value Assurance Report

In early 2017, Inverclyde Council was audited by Audit Scotland and a Best Value Assurance Report (BVAR) on the Council was published by the Accounts Commission on 1 June 2017.  You can find the Accounts Commission report on Inverclyde Council in the Documents section on this page.  

Overall, the report was very positive, noting the Inverclyde Council has made significant improvements since 2005.  In particular, the Council was praised for developing a positive improvement culture that encourages innovation and new ideas; having a clear vision and stable, effective leadership.

The BVAR also included a number of recommendations for improvement which the Council developed into an Improvement Plan.  In September 2021, the Council's Policy and Resources Committee agreed that the small number of remaining improvement actions would be reported via the Corporate Directorate Improvement Plan regular progress reports.  You can find these progress reports in the Related Links section on this page.

A link to more information on Inverclyde Council's performance in improving services, both provided by the Council and with partners, is also provided in the Related Links section.