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Here you will find performance information for the council's key performance indicators

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As part of our commitment to providing the public with robust, balanced performance data, each year we publish a Corporate Plan Annual Report and a Statutory and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Annual Report.  These reports contain a range of national and local indicators that aim to provide an understanding of how key services provided by the council are performing over time and whether better outcomes are being achieved for Inverclyde's residents.   

Each performance page below brings together KPI data on how our services have performed with the high level indicators from the Corporate Plan, with the aim of providing a more rounded picture of the council's performance in 2018/19. 

The council's performance reporting is aligned to each of the Corporate Plan organisational priorities.  You can find additional information on the types of projects, initiatives and service achievements that are helping to deliver improved outcomes in the Corporate Plan Annual Report 2018/19, which is available in the related links section.   

You can find the full Statutory and Key Performance Indicators Annual Report 2018/19 in the Documents section on the left of this page.  




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