Corporate Asset Management Strategy 2016/18

Inverclyde Council’s Corporate Asset Management Strategy 2016/18 sets out the Council’s strategy for managing and modernising its Property Assets.

The Council manages a large and diverse property portfolio and depends upon relevant, up-to-date, accessible information to make informed decisions on the use of assets.  Asset management is a key part of the Council's overall drive to secure best value in service provision and is a major workstream to ensure that assets are used effectively and efficiently and can support long term efficiency savings.

The effective use of Council assets is a key priority for Inverclyde and the Corporate Asset Management Strategy drives forward proposals which:

  • Maximise the efficient and effective use of assets
  • Provide quality accommodation for customers and staff
  • Release under-used and revenue-demanding property
  • Assist in the rationalisation and modernisation of public services within Inverclyde
  • Support the Inverclyde Alliance's Single Outcome Agreement 




Page last updated: 26 August 2019