Corporate Asset Management Strategy 2019/22

Asset Management is vital to optimising the use and management of assets with the aim of releasing financial and service benefits. Assets are the second largest cost to the public sector after payroll costs and the approach to asset management can influence both the quality of public services and the money that is available to the frontline and other services.

Asset management is a key part of the Council's overall drive to secure best value in service provision and is a major workstream to ensure that assets are used effectively and efficiently and can support long term efficiency savings. The effective use of Council assets is a key priority for Inverclyde and the Corporate Asset Management Strategy drives forward proposals which:

  • Maximise the efficient and effective use of assets
  • Provide quality accommodation and services for customers and staff
  • Release under-used and revenue-demanding property
  • Assist in the rationalisation and modernisation of public services within Inverclyde
  • Support the Inverclyde Alliance's Outcomes Improvement Plan 2017/22 and Inverclyde Council's Corporate Plan 2018/22