Your Council, your say

On these pages you will find information and updates on Inverclyde Council's current consultations and consultation which affect Inverclyde.

Your Council, Your Say

Latest Inverclyde Council consultations:


  • Budget consultation 2018/20 (open 15 January - 11 February 2018)

  • Proposal to address minor anomalies in school catchment areas. (open 4 January until 20 February 2018)

Budget consultation 2018/20 (open 15 January - 11 February 2018)

Inverclyde Council has launched its budget consultation.

The consultation is seeking the views of residents, the business community and anyone else with an interest in Inverclyde on balancing the council budget.

Inverclyde Council has an estimated funding gap by 2019/20 is £10.2m.

The council has set out 40 areas of budget cuts and increases to charges totalling over £8m and is asking people as part of the consultation to identify up to £5m of their preferred options.  The savings proposals also identify over 126 full time equivalent jobs across the council.

While councillors have already agreed in principle to the use of reserves to ‘smooth out’ the estimated budget cuts, the council still requires to make budget savings in 2018/20.

Inverclyde Council’s budget consultation runs from 15 January until 11 February 2018.


You can have your say online through the budget simulator, where you can examine the budget options and making choices is available online at

Councillors are expected to set the council tax for 2018/19 at a council meeting on 22 February 2018 with the council’s final budget decisions set to take place at a special meeting on 15 March 2018.

Inverclyde Council budget savings proposals:

Employability (£398,000) - 15 per cent reduction in employability contracts with external providers.

Riverside Inverclyde funding (£209,000) - Reduction in annual funding to Riverside Inverclyde (RI) and reduction in economic regeneration funding.

Increase parking charges (£60,000) - Increase daily parking charges from £1 to £2 .

Introduce new parking charges (£120,000) - Introduce new parking charges in car parks which are currently free.

McLean Museum (£70,000) - Reduction to opening hours within museum and carry out service review of staffing.

Council tax levy on empty homes (£50,000) - Increase the current Council Tax levy on long term empty properties from 130 per cent to 150 per cent from April 2018.

Events (£40,000) - Reduction in support from the council for local events including stopping delivering some events.

Community wardens (£357,000) - 50 per cent reduction in the community warden service.

Community learning and development - CLD (£320,000) - Reduction in funding for community work, adult learning, adult literacies, youth work, administration and a reduction in senior posts.

Libraries – Central Library opening times and library headquarters reduction (£189,296) - Reduction in Central Library opening times.

Libraries closure (£56,860) - Closure of the South West Library in Greenock.

Libraries – transfer Inverkip and Kilmacolm libraries (£55,610) - Transfer of Inverkip and Kilmacolm to community groups.

Closure of community facilities (£194,000) - Closure of a number of underused community facilities and the removal of a number of primary schools from community letting.

Care and repair (£193,000) - End Care and Repair contracted service, bring grant support service for adaptations in-house and create a single small repairs service within Inverclyde.

CCTV (£188,000) - Closure of public space CCTV system.

Remove under 19 sport subsidy (£160,000) - Remove the under 19 sport subsidy paid to clubs across Inverclyde.

Youth connections funding (£120,000) - Removal of funding for youth connections and closure of two community facilities

Grants reductions (£114,000) - Reduction to grants to voluntary organisations budget of 47 per cent.

School let charge increase (£20,000) - This proposal would see school lets charges increase by 10 per cent.

Whinhill golf course (£20,000) - Transfer of Whinhill Golf Club to a third party.  Saving as a result of efficiencies or income generation.

Inverclyde Leisure funding reduced (£491,000) - A 35 per cent reduction in fee to Inverclyde Leisure resulting in reduced opening hours, increased charges and potential closure of some facilities.

Community alarms charge (£314,000) - Introduce a weekly charge for community alarms in line with all other Scottish councils. The proposed charge is £3.50.

Free swimming for over 60s (£62,000) - Withdraw free swimming to the over 60s.

Meals on wheels, day centre and support at home charges (£18,000) - Increase charges for ‘meals on wheels’, meals at day centres and support at home by 10 per cent.

School cleaning (£374,000) - Reduction in cleaning frequency in non-hygiene areas within schools .

School budgets (£220,000) - Reduction to the devolved school management budget for consumables of 25 per cent.

Music service reduction (£152,298) - Reduction to musical instruction services.

Music service (£5,826) - Increase music instruction fees.

Breakfast clubs (£154,000) - Remove provision of centrally funded breakfast clubs in primary schools.

Street cleaning (£379,000) - Reduction to front line street sweeping and clean-up operations.

Commercial waste (£87,000) - Increase commercial waste charges.

Withdrawal of kerbside glass service (£151,000)

Three weekly waste collections (£51,000) - Residual waste collection (non-recyclable waste in black bins) would move to a three weekly collection.

Roads maintenance (£212,000) – Reduction in roads, winter and verge maintenance.

Burial and cremation charges (£210,000) - Increase to burial and cremation charges: cremations (over 16 year olds) - £681; burials (coffin burial over 16 year olds) - £866; cremated remains casket burial - £145; purchase of coffin lairs - £933 and purchase of cremated remains lairs - £514

Advice services (£210,000) - Redesign of advice services team resulting in a reduction to staffing. Use anti-poverty reserve to smooth impact of saving over a three year period.

Benefits services (£168,000) - Reduction of posts within benefits service.

Customer services in Port Glasgow (£23,000) - Closure of Port Glasgow customer service desk.

Customer services in Greenock (£97,000) - Reduce resources at Greenock customer service centre.

Registrars charges (£5,000) - Increase registrar’s non-statutory charges by 10 per cent.

Council Tax increase proposal (£1.75m)  - Three per cent increase in Council Tax in both 2018/19 and 2019/20.

You can also visit one of our local drop in events to find out more and have your say:


Gourock – Monday 15 January
Gamble Halls, Gourock, 4-8pm

Kilmacolm – Tuesday 16 January
Cargill Centre, Kilmacolm, 4-8pm

Greenock – Wednesday 17 January
Oak Mall Shopping Centre, Greenock, 11.30am – 3pm

Inverkip – Wednesday 17 January
Inverkip community hub, 4-7pm

Port Glasgow – Thursday 18 January
Port Glasgow library, 4-8pm


Proposal to address minor anomalies in school catchment areas (open 4 January until 20 February 2018)

Inverclyde Council is looking for your views on a proposal to make minor alterations to school catchment areas.

School catchment areas at council schools are defined by a street list based on historical maps. During work to bring the catchment areas into online up-to-date maps, some minor anomolies were identified.

Fixing these anomalies for school catchment areas requires a formal consultation.

The council has already written to all of the addresses affected by these minor anomolies to alert residents to the minor enomalies.

The consultation runs from 4 January until 20 February 2018 and full details can be downloaded from this page.

You can have your say online at:

There will be two public meetings scheduled:

Wednesday 7 February 2018
Notre Dame High School at 6.30pm

Thursday 8 February 2018
Port Glasgow Community Campus at 6.30pm

You will find three documents on this page to view and download:

  • Education catchment consultation proposal document

  • Education catchment consultation appendix one – consultation response form

  • Education catchment consultation appendix two – maps of affected areas


  • Boundary Commission for Scotland - UK Parliamentary Constituency Consultation
  • Inverclyde Council best value assurance report May 2017
  • Consultation on the Proposed Sale of Ground at Cove Road, Gourock (former McLean’s Yard)
Boundary Commission for Scotland - UK Parliamentary Constituency Consultation - CLOSED

Comments on the revised proposals can be made on the Boundary Commission for Scotland's interactive consultation portal where you can view the boundaries and name of the constituencies proposed and compare them with the existing constituency boundaries and other boundaries.

Proposed Inverclyde and Erskine constituency
Proposed Inverclyde and
Erskine constituency

Comments can also be made by e-mail to or in writing to:

The Boundary Commission for Scotland
Thistle House
92 Haymarket Terrace
Edinburgh  EH12 5HD

All comments should be submitted no later than 11 December 2017 which is the end of the statutory consultation period, after which the Commission will finalise its recommendations and submit these to the Secretary of State for Scotland in September 2018.

Inverclyde Council best value assurance report - May 2017 - CLOSED

I hereby give public notice that Inverclyde Council (“the Council”) has by letter dated 3 May 2017 received from the Accounts Commission a report made by the Controller of Audit in terms of Section 102 of the Local Government (Scotland) 1973.

The above report is a Best Value Assurance Report made by the Controller of Audit and it will be considered by the Accounts Commission at its public meeting in Edinburgh on 11 May 2017.  The Best Value Assurance Report which has been received is available for public inspection.

Please note that the agenda and papers for the Accounts Commission’s meeting is accessed at the following email address:

Copies of the Best Value Assurance Report are also available from the Customer Service Centre, Municipal Buildings, Greenock PA15 1LX during normal office hours (where staff will be available to assist enquiries).

This notice is being displayed on the Council’s website, at the Customer Service Centre and at all public libraries within Inverclyde.

If you have any comments on the report, please write to:
Aubrey Fawcett
Chief Executive
Inverclyde Council
Municipal Buildings

8 May 2017

Consultation on the Proposed Sale of Ground at Cove Road, Gourock (former McLean’s Yard) - CLOSED

Inverclyde Council is considering the possible sale of the above site and recently set a closing date for offers from parties wishing to buy it. The Council is keen to hear the views of the community on the proposed uses of the site, so these can be considered when a decision is reached on which (if any) of the offers received to accept.

Three offers were received all proposing residential developments. The type of development proposed in each of the offers is as follows:

  1. a single, detached, 4 bedroom house;
  2. a pair of semi-detached houses; and
  3. a three storey tenement style block of flats.

Anyone wishing to comment on the proposed sale may do so by no later than the 29th September 2017 either by email to:  

or in writing to

The Head of Legal and Property Services,
Inverclyde Council,
Municipal Buildings,
Clyde Square,
PA15 1LX

This proposal is scheduled to be considered by the Council's Environment and Regeneration Committee on the 26 October 2017. Any comments received will be placed before the Committee for their consideration when deciding whether or not to accept any of the offers received.

The site is shown outlined in red on the plan on the documents section of this page. It was at one stage let as a commercial boat yard. It is currently surplus to Council requirements and is identified as a housing opportunity on the current Local Development Plan.  As the Council is keen to see this vacant site brought back into active use, and as a number of enquiries have been received regarding possible sale, a closing date for offers was set.

The site forms part of the common good of the former Gourock Burgh, and whilst that does not of itself prevent the sale of the site, the Council remains keen to hear the views of the community before any decision is made.  If the site is sold, funds realised in that sale will go into the Common Good Fund. This is a fund administered by the Council for the benefit of the people of Inverclyde and utilised to provide financial support for a diverse range of local community activities.

You can find out more about the common good and the Common Good Fund at

All of the information on this page is available in a downloadable PDF format in the documents section.

If you want any more information about the proposals, please contact the Council’s Property Assets Team on 01475 712 102/495 or email

Page last updated: 15 January 2018