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On these pages you will find information and updates on Inverclyde Council's current consultations and consultation which affect Inverclyde.

Your Council, Your Say

Latest Inverclyde Council consultations:





Consultation on Proposed Amendment to the Inverclyde Core Path Plan - Open until Friday 7 December

Inverclyde Council is considering making a single amendment to the Inverclyde Core Path Plan.

The proposed change is the removal of a path 'South if Berryards' which starts at the south west corner of the Carriden curtilage and runs for approximately 350 metres towards Beith Road.

The notice and details on how to comment in the consultation can be downloaded from the left hand side of this page.

Lady Alice Park Consulation - Open until 5pm on 28th November

Inverclyde Council is considering the renewal and extension of the lease of the Lady Alice Bowling Club to allow the club to secure funding for a refurbishment.

The Council is is keen to hear the views of the community on this renewal and is inviting comments on the proposal so these can be considered when a decision is reached on whether or not to proceed.

This consultation is open for responses until 5pm on 28 November 2018.

The notice can be downloaded from the left hand side of this page and all further information can be seen by clicking through the link, listed in the Related Links section on the left hand side.


Inverclyde Council's Final British Sign Language Plan 2018/24 Consultation – Open until 5 November 2018

The British Sign Language (Scotland) Act 2015 promotes the use of British Sign Language (BSL) in Scotland and requires the Council to develop a BSL Plan for the period 2018/24.  The BSL National Plan 2017/23 was developed through extensive engagement with D/deaf and Deafblind BSL users[1] and those who work with them; the National Plan is available to view by following the external link to the Scottish Government’s website: British Sign Language: National Plan 2017/23, which you can find on the left hand side of this page.

The National Plan includes 70 actions that the Scottish Government will implement by 2020 to help it make progress towards its ambition of making Scotland the best place in the world for BSL users to live, work and visit.  The Council’s Final BSL Plan 2018/24 – which was developed in consultation with local BSL users - sets out improvement actions we will implement during the next five years.  The improvement actions in our Plan are framed around the same long-term goals as the National Plan 2017/23.

A BSL version of the Council’s Final BSL Plan 2018/24 can be viewed via using the link in the External Links section on the left hand side of this page.

A PDF version of the Final Plan is also available to view by clicking on the link Final Inverclyde Council British Sign Language Plan 2018/24 in the Documents section of this page.

We would like you to tell us what you think of our Final BSL Plan 2018/24.

You can comment on the Plan by:

  • sending an email to
  • sending a BSL video to
  • writing to The Corporate Policy Team, Organisational Development, Policy and Communications Service, Inverclyde Council, Municipal Buildings, Greenock, PA15 1LY.

Your opinions will play an important part in shaping the Council’s Final BSL Plan 2018/24.  The more people who provide feedback, the better the Plan will be and we can ensure that we take the views of local people into account.

The closing date for comments is Monday, 5 November 2018 (and not as stated in the BSL version of the Plan). 

Please note that we are subject to the provisions of The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and therefore would have to consider any request made under the Act for information relating to written responses/records or oral representations made to us regarding the consultation on our Final BSL Plan 2018/24.

[1] Whenever we refer to BSL users, we mean D/deaf and/or Deafblind people (those who receive the language in a tactile form due to sight loss) whose first or preferred language is BSL.


Inverclyde Community Justice Partnership Draft Annual Report – Consultation
CLOSED on Monday 13 August 2018

The overarching focus of community justice is to prevent and reduce further offending and to support people live positive lives in their local community. The consultation draft of the Inverclyde Community Justice Annual Report gives an outline of how the Inverclyde Community Justice Partnership are taking this forward and what has been achieved during its first year. It also includes several personal stories of the positive impact in people’s lives.

If you would like to comment on the Consultation Draft of the Inverclyde Community Justice Partnership Annual Report, please email these to .

Alternatively, please write to Community Justice, Inverclyde HSCP, Hector McNeil House, 7-8 Clyde Square, Greenock PA15 1NB

The closing date for this consultation is Monday 13th August 2018.

We are subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and therefore would have to consider any request made under the Act for information relating to written responses/records or oral representations made to us relating to this consultation.

Further information about Inverclyde Community Justice Partnership is available by following the link on this page. A copy of the draft annual report can also be dowdloaded here.

Consultation on Inverclyde Local Development Plan 2018
CLOSED on Friday 29 June 2018


A consultation was carried out on Inverclyde Council’s proposed Local Development Plan.

The document supports the three key priorities of the Inverclyde Local Outcome Improvement Plan – repopulation, reducing inequalities and environment, culture and heritage.

The proposed Local Development Plan identifies land for over 5000 new houses and over 20 hectares of land for new industrial and business development.

It also recognises historic and protected buildings and places – 248 listed buildings, 31 scheduled monuments and 57 local nature conservation sites – supports low carbon infrastructure and aims to reduce the risk of flooding.

The proposed Local Development Plan and associated documents can be viewed via the link on this page.

Printed copies are available in libraries and Inverclyde Council’s Customer Service Centre, Clyde Square, Greenock.

Unresolved objections will be considered at a Local Development Plan examination which will be led by an independent Scottish Government appointed reporter.


Proposal to address minor anomalies in school catchment areas.

Inverclyde Council carried out a consultation on a proposal to make minor alterations to school catchment areas.

The consultation is now closed.

On this page you will find six documents which include the final report and five appendices.

Proposals for community uses of ground at Cove Road, Gourock (former McLean’s Yard)

Stage one - closed on 28 February 2018, Stage two open until 5pm 28 March 2018
Former McLeans Yard, Gourock
Former McLeans Yard, Gourock

The council wants to hear the views of the community on proposals for community use of the site at Cove Road, Gourock (former McLean’s Yard).

Previous Consultation

Inverclyde Council previously consulted on proposals to sell the site at Cove Road, Gourock (former McLean’s Yard), and taking into account of the responses  to that consultation,  decided to retain the site in Council ownership and to explore possible community uses for the site.

The site is shown in the plan that can be downloaded from the documents section of this page.

Current Consultation

Inverclyde Council launched a two stage consultation on community use proposals.

The first stage of this consultation closed on 28 February 2018, and invited groups or individuals to submit proposals of any community uses that they wish use this site for.

The community use proposals that have come forward are listed below, and in the second stage of this consultation the Council is seeking views and comment from the community on the community these proposals.

Anyone wishing to comment on the community use proposals listed below may do so by no later than 5pm on 28 March 2018 either by email to:

or in writing to

The Head of Legal and Property Services,
Inverclyde Council,
Municipal Buildings,
Clyde Square,
Inverclyde PA15 1LX.

Individuals or organisations submitting comments on proposals should include their name, address and contact details in their response, and be aware that such comments may be included in a public report to appropriate Council Committee on the matter.

The responses to both the stages of the consultation will be reported to a future meeting of the Environment and Regeneration Committee, and it is anticipated that will if possible be to the meeting on the 3 May 2018.

The council’s property assets team welcome any questions from or discussion with individuals or groups, be that on a specific proposal or on any other aspect of this consultation,  and they can be contacted 01475 712102 or

Community uses being considered.

Please note that the details provided below are expressions of the views and opinions of the groups in question and should not be read as an endorsement of those views or opinions by Inverclyde Council.

1. Gourock Churches and Schools Together (GCST)

This group proposes to lease the site from the Council and to develop a community garden on it.  The idea behind their project is to incorporate the growth of plants and vegetables into the school curriculum, looking at sustainability, ecosystems the impact on the environment etc. They also intend encouraging use of the site by disadvantaged individuals/groups and there will be a spiritual area for quiet reflection. More detail and proposals will be available when at the design stage.

2. Cardwell Bay Association of Small Boat Owners

This group proposes to establish a community boat club where the community will feel encouraged to own and keep a boat locally, knowing they can: safely store their boat at any time of the year; launch their boat back into the water via the slipway across from the site; access the site to work on their boat if it is in need of any repairs during the year. To avoid noise causing nuisance to neighbours, yachts would be excluded from storage (as these have noisy rigging) and agreement would be reached as to times during which power tools could not be used.  The group proposes to install a portacabin and toilet facility on the site, and (subject to necessary agreement with the Council being reached) undertake cleaning and maintenance of the slipway as part of the project. The group feel that the community would benefit as boats would no longer be stored on the road outside private residences.

3. Group proposing Maritime Educational Centre

This group proposes establishing a Maritime Educational Centre, in keeping with the previous use of the site as a boat building and repair yard. They propose to base the training to be provided, via a partnership with local schools, colleges/training providers and employers, on the Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) Boar Repair and Building Pathway. The group confirms it has had positive and supportive discussions both with local employers and a yachting association in relation to this project. Their proposal would (subject to necessary agreement with the Council being reached) utilise the adjacent slipway, and the group have indicated they may enter discussion with the owners of an adjacent jetty to seek to utilise this also. The group feels that their proposal has the benefit of allowing those with skills associated with boat building and repair, and who may be reaching retirement age, to pass on those skills to apprentices and young people wishing to learn them, and with those apprentices and young people leaving with a nationally recognised qualification.

Page last updated: 9 November 2018