About us (IEPS)

Inverclyde Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service applies psychological knowledge, skills and expertise to promote child development, effective learning and wellbeing and so improve outcomes for all children and young people.

Our focus as the Educational Psychology Service is to contribute to the development of an ethos within Inverclyde of valuing children and families thus creating a nurturing environment and helping to deliver the Council’s corporate vision of Getting it Right for Every Child, Citizen and Community.

In their practice, educational psychologists have moved away from a child deficit model, which perceived the problem to be inherent in the child, thereby requiring assessment, diagnosis and treatment, towards a model which perceives difficulties to arise from the interaction of children with their environment, curriculum, adults and peers.

The solution therefore lies in engaging with the significant people in a child’s life in such a way as to remove any obstacles to successful outcomes.

This model requires the psychologist to work with and through others in a consultative, facilitative capacity, and gives much larger numbers of children access to psychological skills and knowledge.