More Choices More Chances

More Choices More Chances (MCMC) work in partnership with Skills Development Scotland (SDS) schools, colleges and local business to support transitions for the young people of Inverclyde.

More Choices More Chances (MCMC) delivery is on the following:


Developing a process which effectively identifies young people who may require support in their transition from compulsory education


Developing partner strategies, both in school and post school, to prevent young people becoming disengaged and leaving on their statutory leaving date


Developing appropriate ways of supporting identified young people to prevent negative destinations


Ensuring that there is an appropriate provision of post 16 learning opportunities in Inverclyde for 16-19 year olds


Developing strategies to sustain young people in positive and sustained destinations

In relation to the above the three main operational targets for MCMC are as follows

  • To ‘lose no-one’
  • To ‘stem the flow’ and ensure all young people go into positive and sustained destinations i.e. at school, Higher Education, Further Education, Training or Employment
  • A ‘data driven’ strategy to inform decision making

The documents attached to this website provide a more detailed picture of the work undertaken by all the partners to develop a process in Inverclyde which will deliver the above. These related to operational plans, briefing notes and other process information

Page last updated: 30 July 2018