National Data Hub

The National Data Hub is a management information system contracted to SDS by Scottish Government to track young people through their Senior Phase to post school.

Effective data management is key to the delivery of 16+ Learning Choices. To this end, local and national systems and processes will be developed. This will drive improvements in service delivery and to measure, monitor and evaluate the impact of the model in relation to the National Indicator on positive and sustained destinations. Nationally, Skills Development Scotland will develop the 16+ Learning Choices Data Hub as the central mechanism for bringing together and sharing relevant information on young people and their learning choices. This development is underpinned by:

  • the establishment of data sharing agreements between partner organisations and protocols safeguarding the confidentiality of individuals;
  • mechanisms to allow safe and easy transfer of data;
  • provision of data and analysis to national and local partners to inform: both SDS and local partnerships in their planning and delivery of services to meet individual young people's needs; the tracking of young people's progress within the Senior Phase, allowing local partners to engage quickly any who drop out of or complete their learning choice, with a view to helping them stay in learning; accurate and timely recording of confirmed and agreed offers of post-16 learning.

It is crucial that all partners support SDS in ensuring the data held on young people is current and accurate. The SDS management information system will continue, for some time, to be the primary data source supporting delivery of 16+ Learning Choice.

Although separate and discrete elements, data management within the context of 16+ Learning Choices and More Choices, More Chances are both integral components of the wider infrastructure and are complimentary to each other. As such the harmonious elements are now referred to as Partnership Information.

Page last updated: 14 February 2018