Personal Learning Pathways (PLP's)

Personal Learning Pathways

There are a number of benefits from adopting this level of flexibility into the senior phase of the 16+ Learning Choices process:

  • It provides choices and options for schools to deal effectively and proactively with learners who may be at risk of disengaging from mainstream provision
  • It facilitates the robustness and positively impacts on the School Leaver Destination Results for schools – minimising the number of learners who are “unknown” or who have gone into negative destinations
  • It gives flexibility and maintains motivation for learners who currently have talents and skills that are best suited to working / learning environments outwith school
  • It builds in effective partnership elements that help with transitions as learners progress from  school to post school to include other agencies, such as Skills Development Scotland, who have responsibilities with regards to post-school transitions
  • All parties involved in the agreement, by nature of the process, can be held to account for their specific and agreed-to responsibilities within the package
  • The process facilitates the management of timescales for 16+ Learning Choices, as triggers can be set within the review schedule to coincide with key dates in terms of school leaving age, offers being made to learners etc.

Communication back to a central Datahub enables an overall view of the effectiveness of this approach and gives opportunity for best practice to be identified and disseminated across the authority.

Curriculum for Excellence

All learning and flexible development must be a stimulus for achievement which broadens experience and encourages informed and responsible citizenship. The curriculum is the totality of all that is planned for children and young people throughout their education and includes:

  • ethos and life of the school as a community
  • curriculum areas and subjects
  • interdisciplinary learning and
  • opportunities to recognise achievement in its widest sense

We want all our children and young people to be healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible, included and above all safe. These are the basic requirements for our children and young people to grow, develop and become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.