Senior Phase-Transition Pathways

Senior Phase offer

Encouraging all young people to stay in learning post-16 is the best way of ensuring their long-term employability and contribution to society, as is made clear in the skills strategy. That is why positive and sustained progressions post-16 are one of the indicators in the national performance framework.

16+ Learning Choices is a model for ensuring that every young person has an appropriate, relevant, attractive offer of learning made to them, well in advance of their school leaving date. 16+ Learning Choices is an offer by local authorities and their partners to all young people. 

Building the Curriculum 3 makes it clear that this approach is embedded in Curriculum for Excellence - and that young people have an ongoing entitlement to develop their skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work in whatever type of provision is best suited to their needs and aspirations. For some young people, this will mean staying in school for S5 and S6; for others it will mean further or higher education, work-based learning, volunteering, or learning in a community or third sector setting.

For 16+ Learning Choices to work for young people, it requires three key elements to be in place: the right learning provision, which is largely the responsibility of local authorities and their partners as they implement Curriculum for Excellence; the right information, advice and guidance, in which Skills Development Scotland will play a central role; and the right financial support, so young people are able to choose the learning that is right for them rather than the options which may seem most affordable.