Planned strike action January-February 2023

UPDATE for Craigmarloch/ASN:

The main teaching union has targeted strike action for ASN schools on Tuesday 10 January 2023 and the school will remain closed. Unions had previously advised that they would also allow members who teach in ASN schools to strike on Tuesday 10 January 2023 but today, Monday 9 January 2023, we have learned that this advice has changed and that they will target strike action on ASN schools on Wednesday 11 January 2023. This means that the school will now only open to pupils in the BGE (S1 - S3) and will be closed to senior phase pupils (S4 - S6) on Wednesday 11 January. We are extremely disappointed that the unions have changed their advice to members at this late stage but the situation is beyond our control.



Teaching unions have notified of their intention to strike on Tuesday 10 January 2023 (primary and ASN schools), Wednesday 11 January 2023 (secondary schools and senior phase ASN) and Monday 6 February 2023 (all schools). 


The following arrangements will take place should these strikes go ahead as planned:


Tuesday 10 January 2023

All primary schools and Craigmarloch primary and secondary department will be closed on Tuesday 10 January 2023.

The nursery classes at the following primary schools will also be closed on Tuesday 10 January 2023:


Aileymill Nursery Class

St Francis’ Nursery Class

Inverkip Nursery Class

St John’s Nursery Class

Kilmacolm Nursery Class

St Joseph’s Nursery Class

King’s Oak Nursery Class

Wemyss Bay Nursery Class

Lady Alice Nursery Class

Moorfoot Nursery Class

Whinhill Nursery Class


The following council-run early years establishments, will be open as normal on Tuesday 10 January 2023:


Binnie Street Children’s Centre

Hillend Children’s Centre

Blairmore Nursery School

Bluebird Family Centre

Larkfield Children’s Centre

Newark Nursery School

Gibshill Children’s Centre

Rainbow Family Centre

Glenbrae Children’s Centre

Wellpark Children’s Centre

Glenpark Early Learning Centre


All secondary schools and Lomond View Academy will be open on Tuesday 10 January 2023. Craigmarloch will be closed to pupils.


Wednesday 11 January 2023

On Wednesday 11 January 2023 all primary schools, nursery establishments and Craigmarloch School junior (S1-S3) department will be open.

On Wednesday 11 January 2023 all secondary schools, Lomond View and Craigmarloch senior (S4-S6) will be closed to pupils.


Monday 6 February 2023

Further strike action is also planned on Monday 6 February 2023 which will affect ALL primary, secondary, ASN schools as well as nursery classes attached to schools.

Any child who is entitled to free school meals and clothing grant, an extra £3 for the school meal that day will be paid.


Anyone who has any questions about the arrangements in place should contact their child’s school or early years setting for further clarification.