Black garden ant
Black Garden Ant

The Common Black or Garden Ant usually nests outside however they may invade buildings in search of food.  During the summer months they may swarm out of the nest and take flight although this will typically only last two to three hours while they mate.  After this the males die and the females lose their wings.

The control of Ants is very difficult and the most effective control involves the use of an insect growth regulator or insecticidal bait.  If the Ants are coming from outside you should try and find the location of the nest.  To do this it may be helpful to lay some fine crumbs, which the Ants will lift and carry back, making them easier to follow.  The entrance to the nest should be treated with 'crawling insect powder'.  This should be repeated over a period of time to ensure success.

If the problem is within the property there are two possible methods of treatment:

  • The use of an 'Ant baiting station' which should be placed in an area where they are most prevalent
  • The application of an 'aerosol lacquer' or 'crawling insect powder' along wall/floor junctions, again where activity is greatest.

When buying insecticide read the label carefully to ensure that it will treat this type of pest.  Insecticide for 'crawling insects' is suitable.  Try to find an insecticide that is 'residual' meaning that the killing action will last a number of days after application.  A fine spray of insecticide should be applied, concentrating on gaps around the room.

When buying and using insecticides always:
Read the label carefully!
Follow the manufacturer's instructions!
Wash your hands thoroughly immediately after use!

Page last updated: 19 June 2017