Slugs and snails

Snail Slug

Slugs and snails usually come out of their hiding places and feed during the evening, night time or dark days. They are usually found under old decaying wood, in cellars, under hedges or damp accumulations of refuse.

If slugs or snails are gaining entry to your house, find out where they are getting into the house by following the “silvery” slime trail they leave behind as they move.

Any cracks or gaps you find should be sealed to prevent entry. Reduce or remove any sources of excess moisture in the house as this will also discourage them.

A very strong salt and water dilution can be sprayed where floor-wall junctions are waterproof. This will leave a residue so it should not be used on soft furnishings.

There are a number of treatments such as slug pellets available but these are mainly for use outdoors.

When buying and using insecticides always:
Read the label carefully!
Follow the manufacturer's instructions!
Wash your hands thoroughly immediately after use!

Page last updated: 13 April 2015