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The first step in arranging a Civil Marriage or Partnership in Inverclyde is to decide when and where you’d like the ceremony to be held.  Couples can choose any venue within Inverclyde with agreement of the Registrar.  We will ensure that you’re involved in every detail of the planning and that it’s as personal and memorable as possible.

After availability of date, time and Registrar have been confirmed the Registration Office will request a non-refundable deposit which is deducted from the fees total for the ceremony as shown in the booklet as below. If your wedding is taking place at a venue outwith the Registration Office, you should contact the Registration Office who will advise regarding availability of a Registrar before you book your venue. Please note that extra charges will apply for weddings taking place outside normal office hours and where there’s a requirement for a Registrar at an outside venue.

Marriage Suite

This bright new Marriage Suite located on the first floor of the Port Glasgow Town Hall, is the perfect choice for your ceremony.  It features opulent furnishings with tasteful historical features.  The large windows make the natural light in the room particularly pleasing.  The room has a white marble fireplace in the centre and wood panelling gifted by Cunard Line when the QE2 underwent final commissioning in Inverclyde in 1968.

The room accommodates up to 50 guests; this includes the bride, groom and 2 witnesses.

Ceremonies are available Monday to Sunday including public holidays and at various times throughout the day.

To make a booking please contact a member of the Registration team on 01475 714250 or email who will be delighted to help you prepare your perfect ceremony including a private viewing of the Marriage Suite.

Ceremony Enhancements

Sometimes refered to as a ceremony within a ceremony.  Options include The Unity Candle, Hand Binding, Gift of A Rose or even Jumping the Broom!!  If you have any other addition you would like included, or further information on any of these, just let your Registrar know at your pre-wedding meeting.

Documents Required

When you have booked your date you must ensure that notice papers and a witness form are obtained and completed within 3 calendar months of the date of the ceremony. Normally submitted 6-8 weeks before. (There is a minimum notice period of 28 clear days, please take this into account when submitting notice) These require to be accompanied by birth certificates, passports, divorce or death certificates (if appropriate). Should you experience any problems with these requirements please contact the Registration Office on 01475 714250.


You will require two witnesses on the day of your ceremony. The only requirements for your witnesses are that they are aged 16 or over and that they are capable of fully understanding the proceedings. Please inform the Registrar beforehand of how many will be in your main party so that he can coordinate effectively.

The Ceremony

A Civil Marriage or Partnership Ceremony will last approximately 20 minutes, but this may be extended if you have any special requests. You’re welcome to personalise your marriage ceremony by adding a few words, having a member of your party read a piece of poetry or prose, or choosing your own music at appropriate times before and during the ceremony.  The Registrar will also be pleased to incorporate a religious reading or verse into the ceremony.  We would ask that you advise of a family friend or member to share the religious reading with you.  Please discuss any additions to the ceremony with the Registrar at your pre-wedding meeting. If you are unable to attend to visit the Registrar prior to the ceremony, she will be pleased to speak to you over the telephone if preferred.


All Civil ceremonies offer a selection of background music. Alternatively, by prior arrangement with the Registrar, you can provide your own favourite piece of music or arrange for musical accompaniment.

Floral Arrangements

Our Civil Marriage Suite has several floral arrangements on display. However, you may wish to provide your own fresh floral displays; please make prior arrangements with the Registrar.


To observe the dignity of the occasion, photographs should not be taken during the ceremony. There will of course be an opportunity for photographs once the ceremony has been conducted. However, if a couple have an official photographer and wish photographs to be taken at certain parts of the ceremony i.e. exchanging of rings, this may be allowed at the Registrar’s discretion.

Mobile Phones

Guests will be asked to turn off mobile phones on entry to the marriage suite.


Smoking is not permitted in our Registration Office or within the Marriage Suite.


Throwing of confetti is not permitted within the Marriage Suite and guests must ensure that they are well outside of the building before throwing confetti.

Video Recording

Video recording will only be allowed at the discretion of the registrar. The instructions of the registrar must be complied with at all times. Only one video camera may be used during the ceremony. The provision of all equipment is the responsibility of the operator. Neither the Local Authority nor the Registrar will accept any responsibility for damage or loss to any equipment or any other damage caused. Power to the equipment must be self-contained, the Registrar will not provide any power source for the operation of the video equipment. The camera must have no trailing wires. Only normal lighting may be used - no additional lighting can be introduced. The operator should not leave the camera unattended and must undertake to remain stationary throughout the ceremony.

Civil Ceremonies Hours

Ceremonies outwith the Marriage Suite can be conducted on any day including public holidays, subject to the availability of a Registrar these hours are as follows:-

Monday - Friday      09.00 -17.00
Saturday / Sunday  09.00 -17.00

Inverclyde Council Registration Service also offer an out of hours service for ceremonies.  Time and venue to be agreed between the couple and the Registration Service.  Please call to discuss your requirements.

Registration fees can be found in the Fees & Charges Booklet Opposite. (Fees are subject to change after 1 April)

For further information, please contact the Registration Service (refer to Contacts section of the page).

The preferred payment method is by debit or credit card.  This avoids waiting in the general cash collection area.  Cash payments cannot be made on Wednesdays before 11am.

Office Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday 09:00 - 16:30
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