Disabled Person’s Parking Bay Application

Environmental & Commercial Services are responsible for the provision of Disabled Person's Parking Bays on Public Roads and Car Parks.

To obtain a Disabled Person's Parking Bay the applicant must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • Have a valid Disabled Person's Badge ( the "Blue Badge")
  • Have a Permanent medical condition which affects mobility
  • Either be the driver of a private vehicle or be assisted by a carer who is the driver of a private vehicle, provided that the carer lives at the address stated

The vehicle must be kept at the address stated in the application form.

There is normally difficulty in obtaining a parking space on the Public Road.

It is not possible to construct a driveway or other hardstanding area adjacent to the property.

Please note that the Bay is not allocated to a specific person and may be used by anyone who has a Disabled Persons Badge.

The link on this page titled, Application Form, will take you to our on-line Disabled Person's Parking Bay application form.