Application form for funding for Pass Plus

Did you know?

In the first year of driving, one driver in five is involved in an accident

Inverclyde Council is committed to ensuring safety on and around the roads for everyone living, working or visiting Inverclyde. This commitment is now being fully supported by providing financial incentives to all 17-25 year olds who have passed their driving test within the last year and are resident in Inverclyde to have the opportunity to enhance their driving skills and awareness of hazards on the roads. Pass Plus comprises modules that give young drivers experience of motorway, town and rural driving, as well as driving at night and in adverse weather conditions which are not covered in the standard driving test.

This on-line form can be used to apply for Pass Plus funding.

* As funding is limited, it will be dispersed on a first come, first served basis. In order to qualify for the 50% discount, up to a maximum of £80, the applicant must have submitted the on line application form, completed the Pass Plus Course and produced their completion certificate at the Safer & Inclusive Communities Service Office at 105 Dalrymple Street, Greenock. All funding must be claimed and conditions met before the 31st March 2024.