Respite at Home Service

Respite at home

Respite at home can be provided as part of your care package following an assessment of your situation. The service recognises the importance of informal carers and works closely with the Inverclyde Carers Centre providing support for carers. Inverclyde HSCP recognises the invaluable contribution made by carers in providing care for family and friends and enabling many individuals to continue living in the community.  It is important that carers are supported in the best possible way to support them to continue with their caring role.

The service enables carers to have a short break from their caring role or to attend appointments etc. This can be a regular service or used flexibly when required. Once an assessment has been completed, Self Directed Support (SDS) gives you the choice of four options to help you organise support to meet your needs. If you wish the HSCP to organise your service, a worker can support the service user either at home or go out in the community dependent on individual circumstances. The respite at home service is based at the Hillend Centre.

Who can use the Service?

People who care for an older person, someone who has a learning or physical disability, or mental health problem can access respite services following an assessment. If a relative or friend provides you with regular care (more than 10 hours per week ) they will be entitiled to a carers assessment. This assessment will take account of their needs and will identify any help they may needs from us in continuing to support you. See Inverclyde carers centre for further information.

To access this service , you should contact Inverclyde Assist First.  If you already have a care at home service you should discuss with your Home Support Manager or Care Manager.