Carers Assessment

When we do the assessment, we will also ask what help you get from relatives or friends, and whether they are willing and able to carry on in their caring role. Many carers are happy to carry on helping if they know they can have regular support.

If a relative or friend provides or intends to provide you with regular and substantial care (more than 10 hours a week on a regular basis), they will be entitled to a Carers Assessment.

This assessment will take account of their needs and will identify any help they may need from us in continuing to support you. See Inverclyde Carers Centre for further information.

How do I ask for an Assessment?

Contact your Advice First at HSCP Headquarters to request an assessment.

An assessment of your needs will then be undertaken in line with our eligibility criteria. This is a measure of how critical your needs are and will inform:

  • if you receive any services at all
  • the level and amount of services you receive
  • who provides your services

If you don't meet the eligibility criteria, we will give you advice on where you can access advice, support and services from a private or voluntary provider.