Equality Impact Assessments (EIA) pre-2023

Ensuring Inverclyde HSCPs decisions are fair - Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs)

We want to make sure that we consider the impact of our services and policies on our communities and staff. To help us do this, we undertake Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs).

The purpose of an EIA is to ensure our services are effective, efficient and fair. EIAs help us to make sure that, as far as possible, any negative consequences are understood and minimised and opportunities for promoting fairness and respect are maximised.


What if we find adverse impact?

If during our Equality Impact Assessments (EIA) process we find evidence that one of our existing or proposed policies or activities is having an adverse impact on the promotion of fairness and respect we will take one of the following four options:

  • Where possible we will change the policy or activity to meet the concerns raised.
  • Consider ways to remove or reduce the potential for affecting anyone with a protected characteristic.
  • Find alternative methods to achieve the aims of the policy or delivering the service to reduce the impact.
  • Occasionally we will decide to continue with the policy or activity. For example, if we need to meet special needs of particular groups and there is no other way of achieving the aims of the policy.


Completed Equality Impact Assessments

Completed Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) are signed off by the appropriate Head of Servic and will be published on the Inverclyde HSCP website.

As part of our Equalities Improvement Plan we will be updating our EIA paperwork, processes and guidelines and will publish on the Inverclyde HSCP website.