Health and Social Care Partnership Strategic Plan

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We are pleased to present the second Strategic Plan for Inverclyde Integrated Joint Board which has been developed by the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) and the Strategic Planning Group, in consultation with the people of Inverclyde.

There have been significant improvements in services over the last three years, however there is still more to do.  This Plan outlines our priorities and our commitment to improving outcomes for Inverclyde people over the next five years.

Our HSCP has been set up in response to the requirements of the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014, often referred to as the integration legislation, but here in Inverclyde, we have had integrated services since 2010. Integration was acknowledged as the best way forward so that health and care needs can be delivered in a more joined up way, and so that people will be cared for closer to home. Since integration in Inverclyde we have had a clear ambition to improve lifes of the people of Inverclyde. The benefits of integration are already evidenced in Inverclyde with excellent performance in a number of areas.  Over the next 5 years we intend to maintain our high performance and build on it.  Nurturing Inverclyde - getting it right for every child, citizen and community - is the long established vision of the Council and the Alliance Board.  With this is mind, our strong history means we have firm foundations to take forward our vision.

“Inverclyde is a caring and compassionate community working together to address inequalities and assist everyone to live active, healthy and fulfilling lives”

The vision was created by Inverclyde people, including carers, service users and Inverclyde HSCP staff.  It reflects the caring nature of Inverclyde and a unique challenge of intergenerational inequalities - often reinforced by persistent poverty and lack of good quality jobs - and states our commitment to ensuring we work together to help people stay healthy for longer. We recognise that being in regular and satisfying employment is one of the biggest single factors in promoting equality, so this Plan also underscores our commitment to working across Inverclyde Partners to tie economic improvement to improved health and social care outcomes. This approach puts the child, citizen and community at the centre of our thinking, planning and our actions.

This Plan aims to set out the improvements we will make, based on these key values and what local people have told us that they want. The Plan reflects these values, and describes what will change over the next five years. The Integration Joint Board (IJB) will oversee the Plan’s progress, and we will report our business on our website page.

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