Inverclyde HSCP People Plan

As a requirement within the Integration Legislation each HSCP is required to produce a Workforce Plan.

In Inverclyde, the decision was taken to adopt a more inclusive approach in recognising that to deliver our aims set out in our Strategic Plan our ‘workforce’ extends beyond the paid staff within the HSCP.

There are many individuals and organisations that make up the overall workforce delivering health and social care in Inverclyde for example unpaid carers and volunteers, providers in the third and independent sectors, as well as wider roles that indirectly support the delivery of good care and ultimately better outcomes.

With this in mind, a multi- agency working group was established to collaboratively produce Inverclyde’s People Plan.

This more inclusive approach goes far beyond traditional workforce planning approaches.

As a result, two Plans have been developed. The first is an in-depth plan that highlights the contribution from all partners and a shorter easy read version for reference.  Both plans are available to download, listed under documents on this page.

Moving forward, the next stage is to make this plan a reality by creating a collaborative action plan with timescales and measureable outcomes.


Page last updated: 22 August 2017