Information on Health and Social Care Services

Welcome to the Inverclyde Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP).  Within Inverclyde, Inverclyde Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) have integrated planning and delivery of all community health and social care services, including services for children, adults and older people, mental health, homelessness and addiction recovery along with social work justice and primary care services.  This work is directed by the Inverclyde Integration Joint Board (IJB), with Inverclyde Council and NHSGGC delivering services under the banner of the ‘Inverclyde Health and Social Care Partnership.’ 

Our Strategic Partnership Plan sets out our key vision, priorities, and approaches as we continue, with our local partners, to improve the health, wellbeing, and life chances of the people of Inverclyde. We recognise the unique challenges that Inverclyde faces and has faced for many years, in particular the prominent levels of deprivation, poverty, and health challenges, compared to other parts of Scotland.

Our Strategic Parternship Plan sets out four new strategic priorities, which will be our key focus over the next three years. These priorities will help guide how we work as an organisation and with our partners, as we continue to bring health and social care services to local people at the right time and in the right place. We will focus on providing local people with support at the earliest stage possible; improving the wellbeing of local people by addressing mental health concerns, harm from alcohol and drug use, and other factors; building on the assets and strengths in our communities; and strengthening support to families, carers, and households across Inverclyde. Focussing on these areas, our goal is that all people in Inverclyde have the knowledge, resources, and capacity to care for themselves more confidently and those around them now and in the future. Underpinning this Strategic Partnership Plan is the need to address the significant inequalities that are present in Inverclyde.

We understand making a significant impact and achieving a true change in our community’s long-term wellbeing is likely to take time, certainly longer than the life of our Strategic Partnership Plan. Improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Inverclyde is our long-term goal and the actions we take now will set us on the right course for the future. This plan has been developed in collaboration with our key stakeholders, including local people, service users, our staff, and partner organisations.

Inverclyde is a compassionate community, working together to ensure people live active, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

We are committed to achieving our four strategic priorities as below;

Strategic Priorities
Provide Early Help and Intervention
Improve Support for Mental Health, Wellbeing and Recovery
Support Inclusive, Safe and Resilient Communities
Strengthen Support to Families and Carers