Housing Standard and Condition

An owners guide to housing maintenance and repair

Private Sector Housing Maintenance

All owners are responsible for maintaining their properties and owners of flats may also have responsibility for other parts of the building in shared ownership.  If you carry out regular maintenance and small repairs to a property this can help to offset larger works and associated costs at a future date.  It is good practice to put a plan in place to ensure maintenance works are regularly carried out to any property in your ownership and any common areas. Your title deeds may require that you appoint a factoring agent to oversee any common works.

The Public Health & Housing team within Inverclyde Council's Environmental and Public Protection Service is involved in housing because of the close relationship between housing conditions and health.  The Service can assist with housing problems on an individual basis where the occupier is suffering as a result of disrepair provding information and advice to co-owners to help them maintain their property.  We can provide information and advice on the following:

  • The condition of private sector housing stock in Inverclyde
  • Progressing having repairs carried out
  • Licensing of houses in multiple occupation which are houses where three or more unrelated people are resident
  • Property enquiry certificates
  • Housing standards and conditions
  • Closing and demolition orders

If you are concerned about the condition of your property we can advise you what you should do but in the first instance you should contact your landlord. Your property should also meet the standard required to let known as the repairing standard. Further information on this is available via the Private Rented Housing Panel.

If you live in a privately rented property your landlord must register the property with the Landlord Registration scheme. Please click on the link on this page to access the landlord registration site where you can check.  Please contact, to notify us if your property is not registered.

Where no action is taken by owners

New powers introduced by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 allow the council to take action against owners who fail to carry out maintenance to their properties. These powers can be used where an owner is failing to maintain their property to a 'reasonable standard'. It is intended that these statutory powers will be used where major maintenance works are identified and not for minor works such as gardens, paths or fences in isolation.

Where a maintenance order is served owners will be required to put in place a maintenance plan. The plan will specify when and how maintenance is to be carried out and will require to be implemented over a 5 year period. Further information on maintenance orders is available on the 'Maintenance Order' factsheet available for download on the right hand side of the page.

Page last updated: 6 August 2018