Renting from a Housing Association

Following stock transfer in 2007 Inverclyde council no longer has housing to rent.  Ownership and management of the former council housing stock was transferred to River Clyde Homes and Cloch Housing Association at that time.

There are 10 housing associations with housing in Inverclyde.  The five main housing associations that operate in Inverclyde are:

  • Cloch Housing Association
  • Oaktree Housing Association
  • Larkfield Housing Association
  • River Clyde Homes
  • Link Housing Association

River Clyde Homes are the largest provider of social housing in Inverclyde with over 6,000 homes.  More information for applying for a home with River Clyde Homes can be found on their website.


Cloch, Larkfield/Link and Oak Tree operate a common housing register called the Inverclyde Common Housing Register (ICHR).  This means that they have one common application form that can be accessed online at the link on this page.

Who can apply?

Everyone aged 16 or over can apply for social housing in Inverclyde.  This includes applciants from inside and outside Inverclyde as well as existing tenants who wish to move to alternative accommodation.  When deciding whether or not to include you on the register a social housing provider cannot consider:

  • Your age
  • Any housing debt that you may have
  • Whether you are single, marrie or in a civil partnership
  • Whether you or any of your family owns or has owned heritbale or moveable property

Specialist Housing Provision

Specialist housing is a term used to describe housing that has been specifically designed or adpated to meet particular need for e.g. amenity or sheltered housing.  These landlords have a range of sizes and types of properties, some catering for the elderly and those with disabilities:

  • Abbeyfield
  • Bield Housing
  • Blackwood Housing
  • Trust Housing Association