Your Housing Options Inverclyde

Housing Options is a process which starts with housing advice when someone approaches a local authority with a housing issue. This means looking at individual options and choices in the wider sense. This approach features early intervention and explores all possible tenure options, including Registered Social Landlords and the Private Rented Sector.

“The advice can also cover personal circumstances which may not necessarily be housing related, such as debt advice, mediation and mental health issues. Rather than only accepting a homelessness application, local authority homelessness services will work together with other services such as employability, mental health, money advice and family mediation services, etc. to assist the individual with issues from an early stage in the hope of avoiding a housing crisis.” (Scottish Government).

Housing Options services are, by their nature, diverse, but will commonly include the following:

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  • housing advice;
  • health advice;
  • advice on aids and adaptations;
  • financial inclusion;
  • budget management support; and
  • employability support.