Regeneration of Clune Park

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Clune Park Street 1
Clune Park

The Clune Park Regeneration area consists of 430 flats in 45 four storey tenement buildings.  The majority of the flats are small, with 69 bedsits, 310 one bedroom flats and 51 two-bedroom flats.  As a result the area has one of the highest densities of housing in Inverclyde.  The Clune Park estate also has the highest rate of below tolerable standard (BTS) housing and the highest void rates of any neighbourhood area in Inverclyde.  There are no resident owners within the estate and the occupancy rate across the estate is less than 10%, with a number of buildings being wholly unoccupied. 

A regeneration plan for the Clune Park area was approved by Inverclyde Council in May 2011.  With the publicly stated aim of that plan being the demolition of all 45 buildings within the estate to allow progress to be made in regenerating the area.

Further information on the Clune Park Regeneration Plan can be found in the undernoted pages.


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