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In-House Training

Alongside your on-the-job learning you'll also benefit from a range of courses run by our in-house employee development section to help you develop your knowledge. Transferable skills such as communication, motivation, presentation, stress management, and time management are only some of the courses available. For those of you identified as having the potential to be tomorrow’s managers, or those wishing to consolidate their existing management skills, we also offer a Management Development Programme.

We want our staff to be skilled, motivated and driven to deliver excellent customer services to the residents of Inverclyde. This means your continual learning and development is important to us.

Performance Appraisals

One of the most important areas where you will see our training programmes being used is in conjunction with your performance appraisal.

By reviewing your work priorities and personal learning objectives with your manager you will be able to choose from a blended learning approach between 'on the job', face to face training courses or by e-Learning. An overview of our Performance Appraisal system is given on the downloads section of this page.


Our E-Learning courses offer something for everyone, whether you want to brush up on your spreadsheet skills or need training to help you manage budgets.

  • Online training with over 3000 courses which can be accessed from your work PC, your home PC or at your local library.
  • Bite size e-learning courses (15 mins) are accessable during the working day but access to longer courses must be be approved by your line manager.

The E-leaning course catalogue which is linked on the page details all available courses on the e-learning platform.


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