Winter Wellbeing

Whilst this is an exciting time of year, it is also a difficult time for many. So often we feel physical and mental strain at this time of year, and this is compounded by the current financial climate and the worry and uncertainty this brings. But there is still support available over the Holiday period in Inverclyde.

Many local community and voluntary groups are working through the Holidays to offer their lifeline services to support vulnerable people and people in need in Inverclyde.

Please find on the left, details of services which are available over the holiday period, together with details of the Warm Spaces services. Maybe you or someone you know would benefit from accessing one of these services? Please feel free to print and pass on.

There are a list of local and National resources which you can access at any time for both mental health and wellbeing and financial support, further information below.

Please ensure that this information is passed to your colleagues who may not have access to email.