Consultation on the Proposed Change of Use of Land At Gourock Park, Gourock to form a Car Park

The Inverclyde Council proposes to change the use of open space land within Gourock Park and adjacent to Drumshantie Road, Gourock by the formation of a Car Park on the current site of a red blaes football pitch together with access thereto off of Drumshantie Road, and has published a notice to this effect in a local newspaper in terms of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1959 S.24 (2A) (as amended).

The site is not currently widely used given the provision of other and more modern sports facilities in the general area. The proposed use will facilitate use of the adjacent all weather sports pitch site, by providing useful, formalised car parking spaces which are not currently available in the area.

The design of the proposed car park has yet to be finalised, however it is anticipated the car park and access will extend to approximately 4400m2. A plan showing the approximate extent and location of the land affected outlined in red and hatched blue may be downloaded from the downloads section of this page, requested by telephone on 01475 717171 or by email to .

Any person may object to the proposal either by email to or in writing to the Head of Legal and Property Services at the address shown in the contacts section of this page.

Objections should be made by no later than 5pm on 1 December 2020 and should state the grounds on which they are made. Please note that the content of any representations made and the details of the party or parties making such representations will appear in a publically available report to the Council’s Environment and Regeneration Committee.