TUESDAY 20 MAY 1997 - 3.00 vm


Present:- Councillors Robertson (A), O’Rourke, Jackson, McGhee, Robertson (Y) and Campbell, Councillor Robertson (A), Convener, in the Chair.


In attendance:- The Assistant Chief Executive (Contract Services), Mr A S Grant (for the

Director of Central Services), Mr A Puckrin (for the Director of Finance), the Director of

Legal Services and Mr J Higgins (for the Director of Leisure and Recreation).


Apologies for absence were intimated on behalf of Councillors Morrison (D) and Mulholland.


The following paragraphs are submitted for information only. having been dealt with under the cowers delegated to the Committee.

     592       RESOLUTION: EXCLUSION OF PUBLIC AND PRESS                                                                    592


On the motion of the Convener, it was agreed unanimously that, in terms of Section 50(A)(4) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, the public and press be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the undemoted items of business on the grounds that consideration of the items involved the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in the respective paragraphs of Part I of Schedule 7(A) of the Act as are set opposite each item:

                  Item                                                                                                    Paragraph(s)


Tender for Grounds Maintenance Contract:

                  Inverclyde Royal NHS Trust                                                                       6&8

                  Battery Park Pavilion, Operation of Cafe Service                                 8


     593       TENDER FOR GROUNDS MAINTENANCE CONTRACT:                                                               593


SUBMITTED:    Report by the Assistant Chief Executive (Contract Services) advising the

Committee on the present position of the tender submitted by the Contract Services Division

for grounds maintenance work at Inverclyde Royal NHS Trust.



     594       BATTERY PARK PAVILION. OPERATION OF CAFE SERVICE                                                     594


SUBMITTED:    Report by the Assistant Chief Executive (Contract Services) requesting the

Committee to approve a proposal that the Contract Services Division and the Department of

Leisure and Recreation operate a cafe service within the Battery Park Pavilion.

DECIDED:   That the Committee approve the proposal to operate a cafe service at the Battery

Park Pavilion subject to the approval of the Community Services Committee.