Support for disaster appeal

Monday 6 November 2017

Disasters Emergency Committee

Inverclyde Council has stepped in to provide support to the appeal from Oxfam and the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) for the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.

For, the council has agreed to donate £10,000 to the national appeal.  The donation was agreed unanimously by members of a specially convened Policy and Resources executive sub-committee.

Chair of the meeting, Councillor Stephen McCabe, said: “The Council has supported several humanitarian appeals and it is right that we are able to do so again.  As an area we have regularly opened our arms and opened our hearts to people in crisis.  Budgets are always going to be tight for public organisations and for all of us as individual citizens. It is not an easy decision to give money to support people we haven’t met and a crisis that we may not hear about every day on the news.  Our councillors on the sub-committee to a person recognised that what people are going through in this region is appalling hardship and we cannot standby and do nothing.

“I would encourage more people from across our area to support the disasters emergency committee appeal and give what you can. You will be helping people who are suffering today. A donation of £30 could provide emergency shelter for one family. £100 donated could feed two families for a month.  By doing so you will take a vital step in helping the many thousands of Rohingya people who have fled from violence in Myanmar.”

The appeal highlights that the humanitarian crisis in the region is seeing an unprecedented number of refugees arriving from Myanmar in to Bangladesh.

Half a million people have crossed in to Bangladesh since August, creating a large scale and escalating humanitarian crisis. Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are living in terrible conditions, more than 70% of new arrivals have no shelter and only 50% have access to safe drinking water.

Emergency teams are on the ground right now, providing clean drinking water, portable toilets and sanitation facilities, plastic sheeting for shelters and other essential supplies.

The DEC has appealed to the international community, governments and other institutional funders for immediate action.

Residents can donate online by visiting

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