On-going problems with antisocial behaviour behind properties at Taransay Way and Barra Way, Port Glasgow

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Brian Mallon
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The residents of Taransay Way and Barra Way, Port Glasgow, have concerns in regards to the past and on-going problems with antisocial behaviour in the area behind our properties i.e. the shelter and football pitch; and the danger of people climbing onto the roof of the shelter. The residents are concerned thatsomeone may fall off and seriously hurt themselves.

PLEASE NOTE:- The shelter at the side of the football pitch is being used as a meeting place for groups of people, for drinking and using drugs. The football pitch is also being used by them after dark, and sometimes even after midnight. They have even used a motor vehicle on the pitch.

These matters have been reported, by residents, to the Police on numerous occasions, and the Council’s Community Wardens and antisocial behaviour department.

The residents are also concerned with the problem of balls and objects coming over our rear fence and hitting the walls and windows the adjacent properties. Resuting in people climbing over the fence to retrieve them , causing damage to the fence and other parts of the properties.

SUGGESTION:- I wish the Council to take steps to address antisocial behaviour on this site and would suggest removing the shelter and increasing the height of the fencing around the football pitch (the way it is at Boglestone), which would go a long way to resolving matters.