Chieftains over the years

Duncan Darroch 1956
Colonel Duncan Darroch 
First Chieftain of the
Gourock Highland games

The first Chieftain of Gourock Highland Games in 1956 was Colonel Duncan Darroch, 6th Baron of Gourock and he presided over the Games for the next four years. Following his death in December 1960, his wife, Rosemary donned the role of Chieftain for the next two years. The 7th Baron, Captain Duncan Darroch, was Chieftain from 1963 until 1983.


Since 1984, a number of celebrities, local provosts, councillors and business people have presided over Gourock Highland Games and they are listed below.

Year(s) Chieftain
1956-1960 Colonel Duncan Darrroch of Gourock
1961-1962 Mrs Rosemary Darroch
1963-1969 Captain Duncan Darroch of Gourock
1970 No Games due to Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh
1971-1983 Captain Duncan Darroch of Gourock
1984 Jim White (Sports Correspondent)
1985-1986 Captain Duncan Darroch
1987-1988 Provost Sir Simpson Stevenson
1989 Sir Robin Duthie
1990 Jimmy Logan (Actor & Comedian)
1991 Jimmie MacGregor (Singer & Musician)
1992 Cancelled due to bad weather
1993 Peter Mallan (Radio Clyde Presenter)
1994 Cancelled due to bad weather
1995 Ex Provost JM (Ian) Fletcher
1996 Ex Provost Allan Robertson
1997 Provost Cathie Allan
1998 Ali Paton (Gladiator Siren)
1999 Gordon Wilson (Local Businessman)
2000 Andy Cameron (Actor & Comedian)
2001 Margaret McEleny (Paralympic Gold Medallist)
2002 Johnny Beattie (Actor & Comedian)
2003 Jeremy Beadle (TV Personality)
2004 Provost Luciano Rebecchi
2005 Councillor Jim Hunter
2006 Dorothy Paul (Actor & Comedian)
2007 Chick Young (Football Correspondent)
2008 Provost Michael McCormick
2009 Event Cancelled Due To Weather
2010 Andy Ritchie (Footballer)
2011 Claire Darroch-Thompson  (Darroch Clan Chief)
2012 Guy Clark, Lord-Lieutenant of Renfrewshire
2013 Event Cancelled Due To Weather
2014 Provost Robert Moran
2015 Nell McFadden MBE
2016 Isabel Lind OBE
2017 Douglas Rae MBE
2018 Rhys McCole
2019 Provost Martin Brennan