Budget Consultation 2022

Inverclyde Council faces an unprecedented financial challenge over the coming years which estimates that spending reductions of up to £20m may be required to 2026 to balance the Council budget.

The purpose of this budget consultation was to seek views on the priority areas and on a range of proposed budget savings to assist councillors in their review of the budget, to examine those views against the proposed budget offer from the Scottish Government, which is expected in December.

This will then give councillors the information they require to work together to set a balanced budget and the Council Tax levels which is usually expected in February or March each year.

The consultation included a range of services for you to review.  These were split into sections:

PEOPLE SAVINGS - These were savings that will affect people in our community. It could affect the wider community or particular groups of people such as families or young people.

PLACE SAVINGS - These were savings that will affect services delivered in specific parts of Inverclyde, such as the outdoor spaces or town centres.

CHANGES TO CHARGES - These were increases to existing charges or new charges for services which have previously been free.

COUNCIL TAX - A question was included on Council Tax levels asking you what level of increase is acceptable to you from no increase up to 10%.

INVERCLYDE LEISURE - This survey included questions about facilities run by Inverclyde Leisure, the arm's length trust subsidised by Inverclyde Council managing leisure and community facilities in the area.

The budget Consultation ran from 10 to 31 October 2022 and is now closed.

A summary document with the results of the survey is included on this page to download and read.