Council Plan and Partnership Plan from 2023

Council Plan and Partnership Plan from 2023

Inverclyde is a great place to work, live and visit, and there is much more that we want to do to make it even better and to improve life for all of our communities.

We are developing a new Council Plan and a new Partnership Plan to run from 2023.

The Partnership Plan is a commitment by Inverclyde Alliance partners to work together towards shared aims, with a focus on tackling inequalities and the added value of partnership working. Inverclyde Alliance includes public sector organisations, along with voluntary section and businesses.

The Council Plan explains how Inverclyde Council will operate, what its priorities will be, and how it will support delivery of the Partnership Plan.

So far, in developing these new plans, we have looked at what local people have already told us is important to them. We have also considered research on Inverclyde, as well as national guidance and legislation.

In August and September we asked local people what they think should be priorities for Inverclyde Council and the Inverclyde Alliance Partnership. We did this through:

  • An online survey,
  • Online listening events,
  • A Community Conversation in Port Glasgow Town Hall,
  • Focus groups with young people,
  • By email responses, and   
  • Provision of paper copies and digital support at libraries and community centres.

We have gathered together all the consultation responses and created a report. (Right hand column - titled 'Consultation Responses Report') If you have any comments on this please email The results along with that of wider consultation work will be presented to Inverclyde Council officers, Elected Members, and Inverclyde Alliance members. This will include a more detailed version of this report. They will consider this, as well as statistical information on Inverclyde to develop priorities for the plans. They will need to evaluate where they can best target limited resources to tackle key inequalities in Inverclyde. The final plans will be agreed and published in March and April 2023. We will then provide reports on how we are progressing against these plans.

We will store and use the information you give us in line with Inverclyde Council’s data protection policy. You can find out more at: Data Protection Policy - Inverclyde Council.