Discretionary Housing Payment

If you are entitled to Housing Benefit or Universal Credit housing element and you still cannot manage to pay your rent, you may qualify for extra help.

Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) can be considered to help meet the shortfall between Housing Benefit or the housing cost element of Universal Credit and your rent charge.

The Discretionary Housing Payment budget is limited therefore not all applications can be approved for payment. Each case is looked at individually, however Inverclyde Council recognises the vulnerability of certain groups and will prioritise applications on these grounds.

How to Apply

The application form can be found on this page or you can apply by calling 0800 013 1375.

The form should be completed detailing why additional support is needed and note of any special or exceptional circumstances you have. A financial statement should also be provided detailing all of your household income and expenditure.

If You Disagree with your Decision

There is no legislative appeals process however the Council will review a decision in the event of a dispute or where you ask for a decision to be reviewed. This must be done in writing and signed by you, detailing why you disagree with the decision along with any evidence supporting your request for the decision to be reviewed.