Crisis Grants

Crisis Grants are to provide a safety net in a disaster or emergency, where there is an immediate threat to health and safety (fire, flood, famine)

  • Emergency - payment can be made to meet basic living expenses such as food, gas and electricity;
  • Disaster - payment can be made to purchase items;
  • Avoid serious damage or serious risk to the health or safety and there is no other means of support.

Crisis Grants are awarded to meet one-off needs rather than on-going expenses. A maximum of 3 Crisis Grants can be made in a 12 month rolling period. Any further awards within this period will be at the discretion of the Council and will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

Eligibility criteria must be satisfied to access the fund.

The pre-requisites are being 16 or over, being on a low income and not having any access to any other appropriate source of financial support. It is for the Local Authority to determine what constitutes a low income.  A person entitled to one of the following benefits will be considered to have met the condition of being on a low income:

  • Income Support;
  • Income- based Jobseeker’s Allowance;
  • Income related Employment Support Allowance;
  • Universal Credit;
  • Pension Credit.

If someone is on a roughly equivalent level of income to someone on one of those benefits, they should also be considered to be on a low income.

The key test of eligibility for a Crisis Grant is the severity of the applicant’s situation and the likely impact on them and their family.

Circumstances that will be taken into consideration:

  • Entitlement to qualifying benefits;
  • Previous Scottish Welfare Fund applications;
  • The reason for the application;
  • The nature, extent, severity and urgency of the situation;
  • The affect the award would have;
  • The vulnerability of the applicant and their family;
  • Sufficient money available in the budget.

Applicants will be referred to DWP if they are waiting for the payment of a new claim to any of the Benefits noted above before consideration will be given to a Crisis Grant.


Page last updated: 15 July 2019